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  •  Electrospun Self-assembled Nanofiber Yarns, Manjeet Jassal, Ashwini K. Agrawal, Abhijit Mondal, Ritutapan Borha, Avishek Mukherjee, Sandip Basu,Nano for 3rd Millenium- nano for life,17-18th Oct.2007, Prague.
  • pH  Responsive  Fibers  Derived  From  Ionic  Copolymers  with  Controlled  Architecture, Sahoo,  A.,  Jassal,  M.,  Agrawal,  A.  K.     Proceedings  of  the  Fibre  Society  Conference, Spring 2007.

  • Agrawal,  A.  K.  Jassal,  M.    Proceedings  of  National  Symposium  on  Emerging  Nanotechnologies  for  Polymer  and  Textile,  March  10,  2007, I I T Delhi, India.

  • Feasibity of using nano-fiber membrane as a substrate for culturing corneal limbal epithelial cells, Shweta Sharma, Radhika Tandon, Sujata Mohanty, Seema Sen, Ashwini k Agrawal, Manjeet Jassal.  Asia-ARVO meeting on Research in Vision & Ophthalmology, 2-5 March 2007, Suntec City, Singapore.

  • Antistatic Finishing of Textile Using  Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Treatment,Kartick Kumar Samanta,   Manjeet Jassal & Ashwini K. Agrawal,  Plasma 2007,6th to 10th December, 2007.

  • Agrawal,  A.  K.;  Jassal,  M.;  Maiti  S.;  Garg,  A.;  Anurag,  K.  In-situ  formation  of  titanium  dioxide  nanoparticles  on  textile  substrate  using  electrospraying, International  Conference  cum  workshop  on  Nanoscience  and  Nanotechnology,  December  17-21, 2007, Ansal  Institute  of  Technology,  Gurgaon,  India.  (Invited  paper).