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  • Agrawal, A. K.; Singh, S. K.; and Utreja, A., Effect of hydroxide decomposer and slipping agent on recycling of polypropylene, J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2004 Volume 92, Issue 5 Pages 3247-3251.

  • Agrawal, A. K.; Behera, B. K. and Abbas, J. “ Development of reinforced paper laminates using bhindi fibres”  Indian J. Fibre Text. Res. 2004, Vol. 29, March, pp. 49-56.

  • Jassal, M.; Agrawal, A. K., Ghosh; A., K., and Ramasubramani, T, R, K; Shape changing fibres for artificial muscles, Express Textile, 26 August.

  • Jassal, M.; Khungar, A.; Bajaj, P.; and Sinha, M., J., T.;  Waterproof - Breathable Polymeric Coatings based on polyurethanes, Journal of  Industrial Textiles, 33 (2004) 269.

  • Jassal, M.;  Chattopadhyay, R.; and Ganguly, D.; Synthesis and chracterization of  sodium acrylate and 2-Acrylamido-2-methylpropansulphonate (AMPS)  copolymer Gels, Polymers and Fibers, 5 (2004) 95-104.