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  • Save N. S., Jassal M., Agrawal A. K., Smart breathable fabric, Journal of Industrial Textiles 2005,  34(3), 139-155.
  • Agrawal, Ashwini K.; Jassal, Manjeet; Vishnoi, Amrish; Save, Ninad S.  Temperature responsive fibers with anisotropic transitional behavior.    Journal of Applied Polymer Science  2005,  95(3),  681-688.
  • Save, N. S., Jassal, M., Agrawal, A. K. Stimuli Sensitive Copolymer Poly(N-tert-butylacrylamide-ran-acrylamide). Synthesis and Characterization J. Appl. Polym. Sci.  2005,  95(3),  672-680
  • Rengasamy, S. R.; Jassal, M.; Rameshkumar, C. Studies  On Structure And Properties of Nephila-Spider Silk Dragline, AUTEX Research Journal, (2005), Vol. 5No1, March
  • Agrawal, Ashwini K.; Bajaj, P.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Lodha, P. A method for separation and simultaneous recovery of monomers and oligomers from nylon 6 oligomeric waste.     (Industrial Research and Development, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India; Modipon Fibres Co.).    Indian Pat. Appl.  (2005),     11pp.
  • Agrawal, A K; Jassal, M, Save, N. S.; Periyasamy, S.; Ghosh, A K; Ramasubramani, K R T;Vishnoi, A; Palanikkumaran, M.; Gupta, K. K Environmantally responsive smart textiles-II Express Textile, 1-15 May 2005
  • Agrawal, A K; Jassal, M, Save, N S; Periyasamy, S; Gho;Sh, A K., Ramasubramani, K R T; Vishnoi, A; Palanikkumaran, M.; Gupta, K. K. Environmantally responsive smart textiles –I, Express Textile, 16-30 April 2005.