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It is essential to have ready access to the

world class, precise research facilities for ultra-precision measurement and development. SMITA is equipped with state of the art instruments and an attempt has been made to develop it as a hub for nanotechnology research.  The labs with SMITA are:


·         Analytical lab

·         Chemical processing lab

·         Pilot processing facility


Testing and Analytical Equipments


o      Environmental Scanning electron microscopy with peltier

o      Solid state ready, Jeol NMR

o      Dispersive Raman microscopy with external probe

o      Small angle x-ray scattering with essential spares

o      Viscotek, Gel Permeation Chromatography with low angle

o      Instron, Micro Tensile Tester

o     Walk-in environment chamber

o       Thermal system: Modulated differential

o      Microscopes with image analyzer

o       Nanoparticle size analyzer

o      Nanonics, Atomic Force Microscope

o      Microscope with birefringence and image analysis


o      PMI, Capillary flow porometer

o      Perkin elmer, UV Visible Spectrophotometer



Sample Preparation and Pilot Facility


o      Continuous laboratory, padding, drying and curing unit

o      Continuous melt coating unit

o      Sample lab coater

o      Lab Padder

o      Fibre spinning laboratory machine

o      Twin screw lab extruder with gravimetric and volumetric feed

o      Spin coater

o      Compress moulding with heating and cooling