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Secondary ion mass spectrometer, model  MiniSIMS, Millbrook, UK

Features:  Compact, bench top instrument with ambient temperature functioning with high sensitivity, Turbomolecular diaphragm pumps, Ga ion gun, Positive and negative secondary ion detection, secondary electron and secondary ion imaging.

Performance:    Primary beam- Ga ion gun, current 3 nA, with energy 6 to 9 KeV, Surface scanning with spatial resolution of 10 µm, Sensitivity- > 5x 103  cps/nA, Expected emitter life time > 200 emissions µA/ hours


Applications:  The MiniSIMS is designed to allow chemical analysis of surfaces at nanometer level, fast chemical imaging and thin film depth profiling in one instrument. It can be used for both conducting and non-conducting samples. An electron gun is used for charge neutralization of non-conducting samples .

Contact person: Mr. Prashanta Panda

Location: SMITA Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas.

Charges: As applicable