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Instron Microtensile Tester, Model 5848, Singapore

Features: Microtensile tester is ultra

precision low force   material testing system with two column load frame  
 allowing verticand horizontal test orientation. It has static load capacity of 2 kN and dynamic load capacity of 400 N. It is also equipped 
with video extensiometer to determine nature of deformation under load.

Performance: Instrument is equipped
with range of standard grips like pneumatic action cord and yarn grip, serrated jaw faces  for fabric testing, pneumatic grip for gold wire testing and pneumatic versa grips. Can operate at 10 N  and 2 kN load
capacity.Interfaced with video extensiometer for  real time study of deformation under stress.
Applications:  Instron Microtensile Tester can be used for measuring tensile properties of yarn, wires, cords, fabrics microfibers   monofilament  and  get information such as tensile stress,strain, true stress, strain, extension at max. load, yield strength, modulus 
Location:           SMITA Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas.


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