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Name: Mr. Kartick K. Samanta

Status: Ph.D. Scholar, since 2006

Current research area: Development of atmospheric pressure cold plasma reactor and surface modification of textile substrates by plasma reaction

Educational qualification: B. Tech., M. Tech.


Research publications:

·       Samanta, K. K., Jassal, M., & Agrawal, A. K., Improvement in Water and Oil Absorbancy of the Textile Substrate by Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Treatment, Accepted in Surface and Coating Technology Journal (Article in Press).

·       Samanta, K. K., Jassal, M., & Agrawal, A. K., Formation of nano-sized channels on polymeric substrates using atmospheric pressure glow discharge cold plasma Nanotrends: A Journal of Nanotechnology and its Applications, 4 (1), (2008), Pages 71-75.

·       Samanta, K. K., Jassal, M., & Agrawal, A. K., Atmospheric   pressure glow discharge plasma and its applications in textile, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 31(1) March (2006) 83-98.