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Awards to the SMITA group

BOSS Award
Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award
Best Industry Relevant Project Award (for M.Tech. Thesis 2007) by Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), IIT Delhi.
  • BOSS Award for the Best B. Tech. Thesis for the year 2006 in Textile Technology. Award given to Amit Garg and Kumar Anurag.
  • Runners-up prize for the Best Student research paper by a post graduate student for the research carried out under the guidance of a faculty. The international award was given by the Fiber Society USA for the year 2006 to Ms. Jasmeet Kaur Soin for her M. Tech. project work in year 2005 at IIT Delhi.
  • Ist  prize  in  Poster  Paper  Competition,  National  Conference  on  “Emerging  Trends  in  Textile,  Fibre,  and  Apparel  Engineering”,  March  18-19,  2006,  Government  College  of  Engineering  &  Textile  Technology,  Behrampore,  WB;  Awarded  to  Kartick,  K.  Samanta  on his M. Tech. project work.
  • II  Prize,  Student  research  paper  presentation,  National  Textile  Seminar,  Industry-Institute  Interface:  Technology  Development,  Organized  by  The  Textile  Association  (India),  Lady  Irwin  College,  February,  17-18,  2006  Delhi;  Awarded  to  Kartick,  K.  Samanta for his M. Tech. work.
  • Best  Original Research Paper;  Bhawana Soni National Award 2006; Awarded  to  Kartick,  K.  Samanta on his M. Tech. project work.
  • Certificate  of  Appreciation  for  Best  Software,  Original  Software  Design  contest 2002,  organized  by  IEEE  at  N.S.I.T  Delhi;  Awarded  to  Pankaj Bansal for his work carried out during summer vacation at IIT Delhi.
  •  First  Position,  Original  Software  Design  Contest,  DITECH-2002-Annual  Technical  Festival,  at  Netaji  Subhas  Institute  of  Technology  (N.S.I.T)  Delhi;  Awarded  to  Pankaj  Bansal for his work carried out during summer vacation at IIT Delhi.
  • First  Position,  Software  Design  Contest,  Mystica  2002-Annual  Technical  Festival,  at  Technological  Institute  of  Textile  &  Sciences  (T.I.T.S)  Bhiwani  (India),  2002;  Awarded  to Pankaj Bansal for his work carried out during summer vacation at IIT Delhi.
  •  First  Prize,  Chemical  Enginerering  Section,  Effect of amino end group concentration  on  kinetics  of  polymerization  of  polyamide-6, March  2000  in  TRYST-2000,  awarded  to  S.R.Mahesh for his SURA work.