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AFM microscope, model MultiView 1000 and 2000TM, from Nanonics Imaging Limited, Israel

Features:  The Nanonics MultiView 2000™

AFM Microscope is the only microscope which allows for both tip and sample scanning. Multiview 1000™ is capable of scanning in a liquid environment as well as solid samples It can be integrated with Raman/FTIR Raman- AFM for taking Raman

spectra simultaneously with AFM scan, Tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy for enhancing Raman signals.
Performance: Lateral and axial scan range upto 70 µm for very rough samples. Olympus microscope with 10X and 50X objectives for higher resolution. Operates in non- contact mode. Capable of tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy.
Applications: AFM allow surface morphology characterization of highly irregular surfaces using intermittent modes with information on height, amplitude, error and phase signals. Used for variety of samples such as nanofibers, fabrics, thin films etc.
Location: SMITA Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas.
Charges: As applicable