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Confocal laser dispersion Raman Microscope integrated with FTIR from Renishaw, UK

Features:  Micro-Raman

inVia reflex Raman spectroscopy
system integrated with FTIR IlluminatIR II™ module combined with research grade Leica microscope allows scatter, line, area mapping and confocal depth profiling.

Performance: High resolution – better than 1 cm -1, Confocal depth profiling with step size as small as 0.1 µm. Long working distance objectives for liquid sampling. Macro sampling kit for liquid samples, High temperature cell unit with peltier heating and cooling stage, Fiber optic probe for macro samples with flexible sampling arm.


Applications:  Raman spectrometer can be used for getting characteristic vibrational frequencies of atoms which provides finger print by which chemical composition and structure of material can be identified, crystallographic orientation of the sample, identification of particles in micrometer dimension variation in composition can be mapped to provide images based on the distribution of molecular composition.
Location: SMITA Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas.

Charges: As applicable