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Lab Padder- HVF 

Features:  The Mathis padder- «HVF»

can be operated as an independent unit as well as in combination with other

MATHIS machines. Regardless of the type of operation,padding processes is reproduced precisely every time. The «HVF» can be used for all kinds chemical and dyestuffs.

Performance:  Roller width 500 mm, fabric speed 0.2-10m/min, liquor content: nip max. 350 ml, Trough max. 1700 ml

Applications: The «HVF» is a very versatile padder. The Vertical or Horizontal working position can be easily adjusted. Short samples as well as complete batches with several metres of     material, can be uniform and reproducible impregnated, dyed, rendered hydrophobic and finished.


Location:           SMITA Lab, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas.

Charges:            As applicable